Dutch International Certificate of Registry (“Zeebrief”)

The Dutch, International certificate of registry is the gold standard in flag registrations for yachts. This registry is valid worldwide and is an actual flag registration and not a boat ownership registration like the Dutch ICP. We can arrange this registration for EU citizens as well as non-EU citizens. The process consists of 2 steps; first step is submitting all documents (we do this for you) and the second step is having a one time inspection done of your vessel (see details below).

We do not need any survey or tonnage certificate to register your yacht as private use vessel, if it is less then 24 meters in length but an inspector of the Dutch maritime authority will need to visit your vessel in order to measure it and add markings with microdots on your vessel (anti-theft). The inspector does not do an actual survey, just a very basic check. You, do not have to bring the vessel to Holland as the inspector can visit you anywhere but his actual travel fees will be charged to you. This fee to the maritime authorities in Holland for the inspection, are not included in our rate and depends on the location of your boat or yacht. In Europe the average costs are between € 650,- and € 1000,-.

The registration will take about 6 weeks. When the registry part is done, we will immediately schedule an appointment for you, to have the inspector visit your vessel for the one time inspection. If you are in a hurry, we can arrange a provisional registration for you, while you wait for the inspection of your vessel. This provisional registration is fully valid for 6 months and gives you plenty of time to have the vessel inspected. The cost for this optional provisional registration is 300 Euro.

The main advantages of the Dutch Certificate of Registry (Zeebrief) for PRIVATE USE:

Which documents are required for the Dutch Certificate of Registry (Zeebrief)?
The documents required are very simple:

*Please note: all documents need to be written in Dutch or English. If the documents are not in Dutch or English – WE WILL TRANSLATE YOUR DOCUMENTS FOR FREE
*If a yacht is larger than 24 meters we also need a survey and tonnage certificate

How much does the Dutch Certificate of Registry cost?

We offer a complete all-inclusive package in order to obtain the the Dutch Certificate of Registry (Zeebrief) at a cost of € 1695. As mentioned, we use the government express service which saves you many weeks in processing time as our standard package!. All our competitors will charge you extra for the express service.
The necessarily one time inspection is not included in our price and depends on the location of your boat or yacht. In Europe the average costs are in between € 650,- and € 1000,-. You will pay this direct to the Dutch maritime authorities.

How much are the annual cost for the Dutch Certificate of Registry?

Recurring annual costs after the first year are € 195,- and include all costs, fees, representation, domicile, fillings, etc.

Dutch Certificate of Registry (Zeebrief) - available for ALL nationalities!

The Dutch certificate of registry is also available for boat owners that are NOT EU citizens. For our Non-European boat owners, we setup a Irish LTD. in order to register in Holland. This Irish LTD. will become the owner of the boat and our client owns this LTD. As it is only used for owning the boat there are no taxes to be paid or filed.

If you have a European passport

If you hold a European passport you can the director of your Irish LTD. or you can provide an EU/EEA citizen as director for your Irish LTD.

COST: If the boat owner holds a EU/EEA passport and chooses to be his own director or uses another EU/EEA national as director the total fee for setting up an Irish LTD is When the yacht owner is holder of an EU/EEA passport and can act as the shareholder and director him- or herself or can provide an EU/EEA resident director, the total setup fee is € 550,-. After the 2nd year the annual fee to keep the Irish LTD valid is € 550,-. These fees includes; all government fees, provision of registered office in Ireland, yearly filings, annual returns & overnight courier service.

I you do not have an European passport

If you do not have a EU/EEA passport, we can still easily setup a Irish LTD. to own your boat. By having your boat owned by a European company you qualify to register in Holland.

We will appoint an Irish nominee director and a Irish company secretary that are supplied by our Irish accounting firm. You will then also be added as a director to the company that you own.

COST: The total setup fee is € 990,-. After the 2nd year the annual fee to keep the Irish LTD valid is € 850,-. These fees includes; all government fees, provision of Irish nominee director, provision of Irish company secretary, provision of registered office in Ireland, yearly filings, annual returns & overnight courier service

AIS & MMSI Radio License service

We recommend that you also apply for a Dutch AIS & MMSI Radio Licence including ATIS, MMSI number and call sign, as many countries require this to be on board your vessel. We can provide this license within 24 hours. The costs for this are € 149,- per calendar year. We can send the Dutch MMSI radio license by courier to you together with your registration.