Holland (The Netherlands) is one of the most widely chosen jurisdictions for ship registration. There are a few important reasons to register your sail or motor boat in the Netherlands; rules and regulations are less strict then other EU countries and the costs are much lower. Most of our clients are Spanish, French, Italian etc. They have very strict provisions under there own country flags and have found out that it is much easier and at a lower cost to register under Dutch Flag which has minimal requirements, few restrictions, no taxes and can be done in 3-5 days.


Register now in 3 simple steps

  • Step 1 Fill in our online form, sign it, add a copy of the bill of sale or of your boat insurance and a copy of your ID as a pdf.

  • Step 2 We will check your paperwork and then send you a invoice which can be paid by any major creditcard, Paypal or bank transfer.

  • Step 3 Only 3 business days later we will send you your official Dutch Flag registration via overnight courier service.

Why register my boat under Dutch flag (ICP)?

  1. Low set-up fee of 299 Euro Registration of your motor or sailing yacht is inexpensive. Dutch Yacht Registration takes care of everything for 299 Euro. This includes advice, registration fees and taxes, using our Dutch address (if needed) and sending to you by overnight courier.
  2. Legal document of ownership for all EU countries The Dutch Flag EU Registration (ICP) is recognized in any country of the EU. Having the Dutch Flag registration means you will avoid a lot of problems when visiting or mooring in EU harbours. It is accepted by all EU authorities and is issued as a multi-lingual document.
  3. Registration in just 3-5 days We can handle your Dutch Flag Registration for you in 3-5 working days and send it to you by overnight courier.
  4. No yacht inspection needed With the Dutch Flag Registration there is no inspection needed of your motor or sailing yacht.
  5. Minimal paperwork involved To get a Dutch Flag registration we only need a copy of your passport or ID Card and a proof of ownership of the boat – this can be either copy of sales agreement, insurance policy or bill of sale. (as long as it shows yacht details like hull and engine number on it).
  6. No need for Dutch nationality or even residence If you do not have Dutch nationality or an address in the Netherlands, you can have yourself represented by Dutch Yacht Registration. Our fee includes a Dutch domicile address, in order to provide the authorities the (mandatory) Dutch address.
  7. Inexpensive renewal every 2 years Your EU Dutch Flag certificate (ICP) will be valid for 2 years. We can renew it for you after 2 years for a fee of 149 Euro.
  8. We can register multiple types of vessels We can register Boats of any size (sailing and motor), Jet Skis, Canoes and Water Scooters.
  9. No Maritime restrictions There are NO restrictions on were or how far out of the coast you can motor or sail.
  10. Minimum yacht equipment requirements There is a bare minimum list of equipment requirements that your motor or sailing yacht has to comply with (see faqs page)

Fill in your application for a Dutch Flag Registration in 3 minutes.

Dutch Flag Registration only

For 299,00 EUR you can order a Dutch Flag Certificate (ICP) with an EU passport, EU ID card, EU Permanent Residence Permit or a passport of Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Norway or Iceland.

This includes everything:
*All registration fees for 2 years
*Includes Dutch domicile for 2 years
*Expedited 3 day service
*DHL overnight courier
MMSI Telecom License only

Dutch Flag Registration (ICP) - Packages with MMSI license

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